Thank You for your help in our Search for Corrie
A mother .. a daughter .. a sister .. a friend .. 


Our hearts ache. How could this happen? It feels as though time is standing still.

Corrie's children .. Kaitlyn, Shannon and Zack

Corrie with Zack, October, 2008

 Corrie and Shannon, Jul 2008

Kaitlyn, Corrie's oldest daughter, 2008

Corrie helping the kids with "mark the X on the treasure map" at Zack's birthday party, 2008.

Corrie with Zack and Mike Samuelson, October, 2008

 The family asks sportsmen and others who might be out in the woods in the Chautauqua County area to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

Corrie’s keys and purse are also missing. Her purse is described as black, 8” x 8” square, with a GH Bass & Company logo.


Corrie is a loving and devoted mother to three children, Kaitlyn, Shannon and Zack.

Corrie is the second of four children, and grew up on a dairy farm in western New York.  She married Mike Hillerby when she was 18 and had two beautiful daughters, Kaitlyn and Shannon.  Although Corrie tried her best to make the marriage work, it didn't, and the couple divorced after seven years.  She and the girls moved back home with Vicki and stepdad, Mickey. Her parents, along with her sister, Autumn, provided support and love to Corrie and the girls, and Corrie provided the same in return. 

In 2000, Corrie met Ken Anderson, and they married soon thereafter.  The couple's son, Zack, was born a year later.  Corrie became discouraged early in the marriage, but continued to try to make the relationship work. Unfortunately, Corrie soon came to find out that Ken had not divorced his previous (4th) wife, something which made her marriage to him invalid. 

Blindsided, Corrie moved out with the kids.  After Ken became active in Corrie's church, a new activity for him,  Corrie agreed to attend counseling with him and to try again to make the relationship work. 

Corrie and Ken moved into their home on Wellman Road in Ashville, NY in early 2005. However, their difficult relationship, combined with daughters who were now becoming teenagers, prompted Corrie to end the relationship with Ken soon thereafter.  Corrie wanted and needed to be strong for her daughters and for Zack. Even though she was discouraged, she wanted to be a strong role model for her kids. 

Corrie worked as a medical transcriptionist from home and, in 2005, she began working part time as a technical assistant at Jamestown Community College's Hultquist Library.  This arrangement allowed her to supplement her income, while still giving her the freedom to be available for her kids when they were home from school. 

Ken continued to pursue Corrie to a point that she took out a protective order for herself and her children.
In 2007, she had him arrested for violating the protection order. As a result of the arrest, Ken was placed on probation.

Corrie had moved on emotionally, and began a new relationship with Mike Samuelson in early 2008. 

"Corrie and I were very aware that something might happen," Vicki said. "Every door and window in her home was habitually locked – even during the summer."

Corrie was last seen about 1:10 p.m. on October 28, 2008 when she visited her boyfriend, Mike, at the Lake County Dodge dealership on Washington Street in Jamestown, NY.

Vicki reported her missing about 3:45 p.m. that day, when Corrie failed to show up at Zack's school for a meeting.

Items found at Corrie's house suggest she made it home some time prior to her disappearance.  

On October 30, a hunter discovered Corrie’s car approximately two miles driving distance from Corrie's house.

State police recovered the vehicle from the field, and sent it to Batavia for forensic testing.

Investigators searched the Celoron, N.Y. home of Kenneth Anderson and questioned him for several hours; however, what – if anything – they learned is unknown.

Police have not called Kenneth Anderson a suspect or person of interest in Corrie's disappearance.

In the weeks following Corrie's disappearance, multiple agencies have become involved in a search effort. Authorities used ATV's, helicopters and dogs to inspect areas of interest.

When asked by a reporter from if there appears to be foul play, Chautauqua County District Attorney David Foley replied, "Well, we can't rule it out, so I think, from my perspective, we treat it as though there has been foul play."

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